Extraordinarily glossy surface (gloss level 95), perfectly smooth to the touch, scratch resistant, fingerprint proof and environmentally sustainable. Available square edged/edgebanded on 4 sides and with edge handles.

9 excellent reasons to choose Laminlac

Abrasion and scratch resistance

High abrasion resistance has been demonstrated with a testing system that puts the surface through a cycle of 160 rubs with an abrasive nylon/alumina material. The scratch resistance rating of 5, equivalent to a force of 7.5 Newtons, is the highest possible rating and has been demonstrated with tests in accordance with European standards EN-14323:04 and EN-438-2, which define resistance to a scratch deep enough to be easily seen on a vertical surface.

High chemical resistance

The surface is tested with harsh procedures to offer class 1B high chemical resistance according to the requirements laid down by German/EU standard DIN-68861-1:81.

UV-stable colours

The use of fade-resistant coatings allows the colour to retain its original appearance and not deteriorate when used under normal, correct service conditions. The pigments used are particularly stable, meaning they do not deteriorate even with prolonged exposure to light, including UV rays. This quality means furniture components can be replaced or added to without being able to see any difference in colour. Each lot produced is checked using a spectrophotometer. Colour stability is rated as 5 on the Grey Scale and 8 on the Blue Scale, according to European standard EN-14323:04.


A code can be found on each lot of panels so that it can be traced at any time, both on its journey along the supply chain and once the panels have been converted into a component for the finished products.

FSC, TÜV and CARB certification

The initial semi-finished substrates – MDF – are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, which attests to the fact that they are made with wood from responsibly managed forests. The panels are certified by TÜV, a renowned body that develops safe and sustainable solutions on a global scale, marked by a virtuous interaction between man, the environment and technology. They are also CARB (California Air Resource Board) certified based on the ATCM (Airborne Toxic Control Measure), which aims to reduce and monitor formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products used in California.

Phthalate free

The panel facing materials are phthalate free, meaning they are safer and have no health implications for users. Phthalates are one of the categories of substances that most commonly contaminate homes.

PVC free

The materials used to face the panel are PVC (polyvinyl chloride) free.

Extremely low VOC emission levels

The panel has extremely low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emission levels, well below the minimum quantities that are usually the standard for the furniture industry. VOCs are hydrocarbons found in the gaseous state at normal room temperatures. They can be either biologically generated or come from man-made sources. There are over a thousand, but the most common in the air are methane, toluene, n-butane, -pentene, ethane, benzene, n-pentene, propane and ethylene.

Testing with cutting-edge systems

To show they meet the highest standards of quality, our products are required to pass strict testing and quality control inspections carried out using some of the most accurate optical and electronic systems in the world. Panels with any surface defects are identified automatically and immediately rejected.